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I created Your Ultimate Wingman, the most comprehensive and effective men’s dating and relationship program available anywhere to help men who have achieved great success and prominence in their careers, but struggle deeply in their intimate relationships.

These men, like you, came to me feeling frustrated, exhausted and unfulfilled romantically. They were fed up with meeting the wrong women, they were bitter about being used for their wealth and stature and they were tired of spending money and energy on dates that went nowhere. Worst of all, it was beginning to negatively impact their work, their confidence and their outlook on life.


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Discover The 3 Secret Laws all my clients use to achieve success with women...



...Find Her

1. The Law of Proximity


It may seem obvious that you should go to where the women are, but it's not enough to just be around women. Learn the next steps in order to find someone you truly want to have in your life.

...Attract Her

2. The Law of Follow Through


The only person to push you and keep you going towards your goal you set forth is yourself. Don't let a simple thing like fear of rejection and lack of self-confidence keep you from what you want.

...Keep Her

3. The Law of Safety


You have the ability to help a woman find their true, natural feminine state. Take power over your own masculine energy to help unlock what it is that makes a woman open up and feel safe.

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You wouldn’t be sitting here too if you weren’t experiencing some, if not, all the same things.


But just as being with the wrong person can destroy your life, something in you knows equally the way being with a great woman can transform and affect everything for the better. You also know the power and importance of having something beyond yourself to live for and someone worthwhile and special to share your success with.


You know you’d love to experience it, but have yet to fully achieve.


As a successful guy, I know this can feel defeating, but one of the reasons you’re an achiever is because you don’t let that stop you!


You’re not going to lie down and accept defeat. You’re not going to settle for a lonely empty existence or, worse yet, settle for the wrong woman who will use you and ruin your life. You refuse to spend your time living like a lonely mess.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make or how many businesses you own or what you’ve achieved, if you don’t have someone to share it with you will get to the end of your life and feel like you wasted it all.

I’m not being overly dramatic and I’m not saying these things to scare you. I’m telling you this to get you to take action now! Don’t waste another day doing something that isn’t working. It’s time to overcome and destroy whatever beliefs you have that are limiting you from experiencing an exciting and passionate relationship.


A belief is a poor substitute for an experience.


Now that you’re finally ready to face your fears…Now that you’re ready to learn how to create the passionate extraordinary relationship you’ve longed for….Now that you’re ready to gain mastery in your personal life…

Now that you’re ready for results...


You're ready for


Everyone knows what a wingman is, right?

A good one paves the way, breaks the ice and helps set you up for success with the ladies. If you’re lucky you may have one whose not just a good buddy, but also has your back, roots for you, wants you to find someone special even more than you want it for yourself!

  • But can he truly understand who women want?
  • Does he honestly know what women are thinking and feeling moment to moment?
  • Does he know what a high value woman is and where they spend their time?
  • Can he give you the confidence to go up and speak to any woman you want without ever experiencing the fear of rejection?
  • What about that perfect text to keep her thinking about you all day long; does he know how to write that?
  • What will he do if you scare her off?
  • Will he know why and how to get her interested again?

But, what happens when you meet the girl of your dreams? Can he show you how to not blow it? Can he show you how to lay the foundation for a successful realtionship in the long run? Does he have the skills to help you figure out why you’re so good with work, but so bad with women? Does he really understand what this is costing you?

No, he can't do any of that because he’s just a regular guy doing ordinary wingman stuff. But for someone like you, a high-achieving man striving to create an extraordinary life, anything ordinary is a waste of time.


So what is Your Ultimate Wingman?


It’s someone who's able to do all the things your ordinary wingman can do, but more importantly all the things you know he can’t. 


Because he’s a man and he can’t possibly know the female experience better than a woman.


An expert in women is a woman.


So what advantage would you gain by having one in your court?


Someone with the keys to the kingdom.

Someone ready and able to unlock the female mind and experience for you.

If you think understanding the psychology and language of women will finally help you crossover to creating the extraordinary relationship you’ve always wanted, then shouldn’t you go straight to the source?


When it comes to Your Ultimate Wingman
Shouldn’t yours be a woman?


As your coach, my job is it to help you overcome the unique challenges and problems you have with women and assist you in coming up with specific solutions to get you the results you’re after. I know you have a high standard and an expectation and desire to create the best life possible. Naturally you want to share that with the best woman possible.



That’s why you need Your Ultimate Wingman.


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Every week I cover a new topic sent in to me by one of you guys! I post a new blog or video on, you guessed it, Wednesdays.

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Pick Up Your Complimentary Audio Copy of YUW's "The Top 5's of Dating"

Learn breakthrough strategies to help you meet a high-value woman. Start dating like a boss today!