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Do you want to be more successful with women? Do you want to have an unfair advantage over the other guys? Are you ready to become a dating bad ass?

Well guys, I'm excited to announce my new website is live and I’m here to help. Take a look around and get some real insights into female psychology. Finally, learn how to Find, Attract and Keep Your Ultimate Woman.

Isn’t it time you learned how to be better with women from a woman?


I’m here for you.

Samantha Ross - Your Ultimate Wingman


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"Samantha Ross is without a doubt the best dating coach I could've ever asked for. I love having a woman’s insights because..."

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"...Her instincts are spot on and her solutions are extremely well thought out. I highly, HIGHLY recommend her...."

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Have any burning questions about women?  Got a dating 911 you need help with?  Can’t figure out what to text her back?

I'd love to hear about your successes, problems, or challenges. And who knows, it may even end up as a video topic.

(anonymity respected ;)