Holding Out For A Hero

I was trying to get some work done the other day so, naturally, I had the TV on (such a procrastinator) and this Doritos commercial came on. Now normally I wouldn’t have paid any attention, but for some reason this one caught me.

The hero of this particular Doritos commercial is your average geeky-nerd type, BUT that’s all about to change with one bite into a Dorito!  With one tangy cheesy savory crunch, he’s transformed into the hero he’s always longed to be; he’s the dude arm wrestling two ‘roided out muscle men at the same time.  He’s the guy in the forest riding the world’s biggest bear.  He’s the man on the dance floor tearin’ it up surrounded by babes.  He’s the life of the party, he’s winning at life, he’s the guy everyone wants to be or be with.


Normally, I don’t give a shit about these kinds of commercials, they weren’t made for me, they were made for YOU!  But it’s this hero thing that really got me thinking.  The guys on Madison Avenue are smart, they know how to appeal to primal human instincts to get people to buy their
products and clearly, they do an effective job because Doritos are one of the most popular brands of all time, but it’s so much more than that.  No matter how much time passes or how much the world changes, the crucial fact remains…EVERY GUY WANTS TO BE A HERO!

I don’t care who you are, where you come from or how much money you make, the hero’s desire is in a man’s DNA and it’s a driving force in his soul.  So, it makes perfect sense
that every woman, on some Darwinian level, is looking for a hero. And guys, hear me now, we don’t care about being a hero the same way you do, but we do care about being with a hero.

No Dragons were harmed in the making of this hero.

This all begs the question, how is today’s man supposed to be a hero? We all have romantic notions of heroes playing in our heads.  Sword fights and rescuing damsels, monster slaying, and spell-breaking; the stuff of folklore, legends and myth, harkening back to a distant time in our collective memories when men and women’s roles were more easily defined, if not adequately. Back then it was easier to spot a hero, nowadays not so much, but still the need for heroes and the desire to be and find one persists.

Wise is the man who discovers the path to heroism in his own life.

The face of heroism today isn’t nearly as perilous as compared with the one in our historical imaginations.  You don’t have to risk life and limb, but you do need to summon the courage and perseverance to dig deep for heroic
inspiration in life’s everyday details. Fear not! Heroism exists in the soul of every man, but heed the warning…Many are called, only a few will answer.

The devil is in the details…But so is the hero.

Men in general have gotten lazy about making an effort to be heroic to the women in their lives and conversely, women have become lazy about expecting it from their men.  They’d rather do ‘all the heavy lifting’ to remain in control and then complain it’s easier this way.  Women may think, “it’s easier this way”, but it’s a short-term fix that is unintentionally emasculating their men.  Many women I know feel it’s safer and better to go through life with an attitude of I don’t need a man!  Then we wonder why we wake up one day feeling completely repelled and turned off to our man, feeling more like a mother than a lover.  And you guys feel like you’re being treated like a toddler.  It’s not sexy and everyone loses.


So here for the first time, I bring to you the modern day hero’s achiever list. The first ones are really easy and very obvious, but are you doing them? And the bigger ideas down the list just require you a little more effort and imagination and if you have questions about how to do start doing these things, then check out my other videos and written posts on the site where I’m always covering topics like these and many others. And remember I’m always here for you!

Open the car door
Stand up when she gets up to leave the table.
Say “I’m sorry”
Don’t fight to win, use conflict to learn
Help her by carrying things
Learn to listen
Think of others before yourself
Communicate your hopes and dreams, your fears and concerns to your woman, this way she can fully step into her feminine power to support, nurture and love you as only a woman can.
Learn to listen to her needs.

I know the first ones are really easy and very obvious but are you doing them? Are you really doing them? The bigger ideas down the list just require a little more effort and imagination and if you have questions about how to start doing these things, then check out my other videos and written posts on the site where I’m always covering topics like these and many others. And remember I’m always here for you!

What makes a hero a hero today? 
More intimate
Have to be a bit more inventive and creative
Being a good listener
Thinking of her before yourself

She’s looking for a man to be her personal hero.  It doesn’t matter so much if he’s a hero to the world in the larger sense of the world, ie fireman, cop, president, so long as he’s figured out how to be her personal hero.  Once you’ve got being her hero down, watch and see how you naturally
become more heroic to the world at large too.  The world will start seeing you differently because you’re fulfilling your role with your lady and that makes you feel more confident, more empowered and more manly.   It’s all related.

Not quite as big, but definitively as bold.