Don't Be A D*ck

So, the other night I was at this bar in L.A.


(Do you like my bikini?:)


And I was there with a group of guys, and this guy was talking to me, just having a small chat, and it was very weird. And this has happened many times which is why I want to sit down and talk about not being a dick.


Because guys think it's sort of a way to flirt or maybe that's the only game they have.


And it's like, they just kind of start acting dicky. And it's not charming.


At first, it comes off as teasing you and then it kind of goes on too long and it's kind of a huge turnoff.


So this guy was talking to me and he was, I guess he was flirting with me, and what he was doing though was his 'in' was to tease me. Like he would make fun of whatever and that's all playful but then after a while, it gets really annoying and it just makes you not want to talk to the guy.


I just felt like I had to get on camera here and talk to you today about the fact that being a dick is not flirtatious.


This is NOT a tool that should be in your arsenal. Because that is NOT a way to charm a woman.


I mean teasing can be really fun and can be playful but at a certain time pretty early on in your initial exchange with a girl, you should stop teasing. Because all of sudden, at a certain point it makes a person shut down and feel closed off to you and you just start to feel kind of angry.


And this guy I could tell was interested in me and he was attracted to me and he was wanting to be flirtatious with me but the only way, the only thing he had, the only tool was like I said, being a dick. And this is NOT a tool guys. That's not something that should be in your go to.


So the next time you're out and you're talking with a girl, by all means, it's great to be a little teas-y and flirty, but if you're kind of being obnoxious and poking fun and challenging her and almost competing with her too much is all you've got, then you definitely need to be watching more of my videos to find out other methods and other techniques for how to approach women and get them to be open to you and how to be friendly and flirtatious without seeming like a pushover.


So the two dichotomies we're talking about are "pushover" and "dick" and you definitely want to be existing somewhere in the middle.


I mean, every time every time I would say something he would make fun of me. And then he started to ask me about what I do and the reaction was honestly kind of offensive, and I decided that, "I'm not talking to this guy anymore." So I got up and promptly just walked away.


So that's my tip for today:


Don't Be A Dick.


And don't be a douchebag either. Stay tuned for more. I'm Sam Ross, Your Ultimate Wingman.