What Is A High-Value Woman?

Hi guys!  I'm Samantha Ross, Your Ultimate Wingman.  Hope you're doing well!

Today's video is very important.  It's sort of the building block of something that you hear me talking about all the time.  I'm always referring to the high-value woman.   And a lot of my coaching revolves around helping men find high-value women because men tell me all the time that they want the whole package.   And what do we mean when we're talking about the whole package?

So, I want to start off today by shedding some light on that by defining for you what I mean by high-value women.  But, by all means, I want you to start thinking about your definition of a high-value woman.

What values does your ideal woman have that you would love to experience and share in a relationship with her?  So, as I'm talking and I'm telling you about high-value women definitely think about those details for yourself.

To me, a high-value woman is a woman who embodies amazing characteristics and qualities.  She could be funny.  She could be well educated.  She can be a great conversationalist.  She could be curious.  She could have an adventurous attitude.  And what I mean by that is a high-value woman has an openness about life and a curiosity.  She has interests and she's interested.  But most importantly, a high-value woman has created a life for herself that she really loves to live and values.  So when a guy comes along, he really has to be something special in order for her to make the decision that she wants to open up and make room and share this life with him. Because when you're a high-value woman, you're not just going to compromise and settle and just let any dude, some shmuck who comes along, in and take over your life.

A high-value woman doesn't do that.  A needy woman does that.

A woman who's willing to lower her standards to be with somebody.  A woman who's willing to compromise her values and just say, "Oh you know what?  Screw it!  I'm just going to forget about everything that's important to me because I want to be with this guy." You know what I'm talking about. That's that thing you guys talk about, "Uh, I really like her but she's so needy", right?  That's what needy women do.  They forget everything, they drop their lives, they drop their friends, they drop their hobbies, and they just glob onto any guy and that is such a turn-off.  And you need to be wary of women like that.  You do not want to get tangled up with a person who is going to be so needy with you because you know what happens after that...

When she's in, then the controlling starts, and then you're wondering why you're miserable and fucked up in this relationship and you're not allowed to do anything like go have a drink with your friends on a Saturday night.

You feel me.  That's what I'm talking about.

So a high-value woman, she doesn't do shit like that.  A high-value woman doesn't try to control you and give you rules and limit your life.  She wants you to have your experiences and your independence and you need to be with a person who's like, "Oh yeah, no problem babe.  You're going to go get a drink with the guys?  Go have fun!  I'm going to stay here.  Imma do me.  I'm going to watch Grey's Anatomy (or whatever it is) and have some wine and read magazines" or whatever she's going to do.  But, the point is that she's got something to do and it doesn't always have to involve you. 

Sounds pretty great, right?  That's a high-value woman.

So, you can pepper this vision of the ideal woman with whatever cool little details you want.  I mean I said she's funny, she's adventurous, she's curious, but by all means, it doesn't have to be that. That's where your specific, unique tastes and dynamics come into play.  But, keep what I'm telling you about these things; these core elements that you want to be gravitating to and bringing into your life and a woman that inhabits that. That's what we mean when we're talking about a high-value woman and it's definitely something that I'll be touching upon now and again.

You'll always hear me referring to it: the high-value woman.  And remember, if you want to remain playing at the lower level, then you're going to bring a woman who's playing at that level or lower into your life.  But, if you really want the high-value woman, that's why you're going to stick with me because you are going to have to elevate.

The higher value man you become the higher value woman you're going to attract.

That's just the way it works. I didn't make up these rules, but I'm sharing them with you.  Hope you enjoy this video.  I'm Samantha Ross.  I know, I'm Your Ultimate Wingman, you guessed it, and I'll see you guys soon!