Hi, guys, it's Samantha Ross, Your Ultimate Wingman. And today can we please just talk about Bumble.


Bumble, Sucks!


And here is why.


First of all, if you don't know, Bumble is this dating app where the girl initiates the contact with the guy and this is why Bumble sucks. Because if you are a masculine energy guy and you are interested in bringing a feminine energy woman into your life then right away you're starting off on the wrong foot because she is being the guy. She's initiating the contact. So what do I mean when I'm saying masculine energy feminine energy?


Men naturally, really, let me just say this. It doesn't really have anything to do with what gender you are either. Women can be more masculine energy and men vice-versa can be more feminine energy. But for today's topic and purposes, the energy that I'm talking about is masculine energy men who want to be with feminine energy women. And masculine energy men are naturally more of the pursuers. They like the conquest. They go after things. They are the ones who are the protectors and they are the foragers. And the feminine energy woman is more in the receiving energy. Openness and receptiveness. Yes, there's a passiveness to it and it's not about pursuing men.


That's being the guy. So right away like I said you're off on the wrong foot.


In Bumble, it seems great, okay. It's like, "Oh wow." You know it takes kind of all of the fear out of it because the woman's doing the initiating so you're like, "This is awesome! I know she wants to talk to me and she's doing all the work. And isn't that awesome!"


Well, no, it's not awesome.


Because what it's doing is it's throwing things out of whack and out of bounds. And it may seem like, "Oh this is great, you know, we both know that we want to talk to each other," but that's not what's really going on. It's not good for you and it's definitely not good for her because women who are pursuing men and initiating contact and doing all that she's saying, they're throwing their energy out of whack too.


And I get it, this is a very surface level thing but it really does go a lot deeper. It's like all of a sudden, you know this as a guy, you value and you appreciate more what you have to work for, right? And the harder that you have to work for something, the more you have to pursue it, the more you have to go after it, the more you value it. The more you like it. The more you appreciate it. And if a woman is doing all the work and she's like, "Oh yeah, no, I'll just come after you and I'll do the initiating", then you're just not going to value her as much.


I'm sorry but it's true.


And then after a while you start to wonder, "What's going on here? I really like this in the beginning but I'm just kind of losing interest." And I know there's a lot of reasons why you might be losing interest. But believe me, if a woman is doing the chasing you are going to lose interest fast.


So, that's my advice. At the risk of pissing off Bumble, just stay off of Bumble. Do the other ones. Do Tinder. Do Plenty of Fish. You know whatever you like but, if you're a masculine energy guy and you want to honor that and be strong and empowered and rooted into that energy then don't put yourself in a position where you're making it easy and letting the woman come chase you. It's really lame and believe me it's not good for you and it's not good for her.


So, that's my two cents. I'm Samantha Ross, Your Ultimate Wingman and I will see you soon. Thanks for watching.