Why Do Superheroes Always Get The Girl?

Adventures in Reclaiming Your Masculine Energy with Marvel:


There seems to be a never ending release of movies from Marvel. And whenever I see a billboard or commercial for the latest super hero du jour it gets me thinking about that post I did A WHILE BACK on how to be a real-life superhero in your own life.


Let's face it. The bar for being a hero is set kinda low these days. But I really wanted to focus on the reason superheroes always get the girl and how you can put yourself in that position in order to find Your Ultimate Woman.



So, why is it that superheroes always get the girl? Why are women always swooning over these wayward, seemingly uncapturable beings? Many would assume it’s from having uncanny abilities to fight crime -insert superpower here- or it is from being tall and dreamy right..? Yes, those factors can help, but the more important answer is quite simple and often easily overlooked.


Characters like Tony Stark, Thor, Captain America, and hell, even Deadpool, being the anti-hero hero he is, all have something else in common. Past their abilities to kick ass, take names, save the universe, and those quirky, funny personalities, they all embody and own their masculine energy. Each of them exudes a confidence because they are in control of their lives and their careers, and they know what they want. They fully live in the details of their passions.


Whether they’re teasing or flirting with their female interests without being “dicky”, creating new business opportunities, or planning their next plan of action to prevent a world from being flattened, they are fully invested in themselves and that automatically draws in what they want.




Unconsciously and powerfully, being in control of your own life speaks directly to a woman's femininity. It shows them you are capable of taking care of them while also showing them you have ambition and excitement to do your own thing and live your own life.


High-value women don't want to commit to or be bogged down by someone who has nothing going on for himself, both personally or professionally. Any fool can talk a big game about doing this or that, but remember how the saying goes...Actions speak louder than words.


By taking command of your life, focusing on what’s important and creating actionable steps to achieve your goals, you will reconnect or connect more deeply to your masculine energy and become the superhero of your own life.


When you do this, it doesn't tell women that you can take care of them, but it actually shows them, and in doing so will naturally attract the kind of Ultimate Women that you will want to be with!


In real life, men and women are running into problems because lines are being blurred between male and female energy and people are getting stuck in opposing energy roles and then regretting it. If your intention is to reconnect with your masculine energy and attract your ultimate woman, you need to recognize this masculine energy in yourself.


I tell you this not only because I know it is what every feminine energy woman desires from her man, but this is an important way for men to step into, get back in touch with and take back control of their personal relationships.




Men and women alike are so drawn to these movies because watching them gives them a sense of relatability in that energy, whether subconsciously or not, and sparks up a natural attraction that is found in everyone.


The answer as to why superheroes always get the girl is because these characters not only give off a sense of masculine courageousness and confidence, but their driving force is allowing them to be a hero for themselves first and foremost, which in turn shows they can be a hero to a significant other. Always remember to ask yourself this question:


How are you going to take care of a woman if you can't take command of your own life?”