The question of love is one that cannot be evaded. Whether or not you claim to be interested in it, from the moment you are alive you are bound to be concerned with love, because love is not just something that happens to you; it is a certain special way of being alive. Love is, in fact, an intensification of life, a completeness, a fullness, a wholeness of life.
— Thomas Merton

What guys are saying...


"Samantha Ross is without a doubt the best dating coach I could've ever asked for. I love having a woman’s insights because I get an inside track into what’s really going on with the opposite sex. As a guy, it can be easy to get caught up in the world of Pick Up Artistry when dealing with modern dating, but what Sam's given me is much more meaningful advice and some killer skills. Her instincts are spot on and her solutions are extremely well thought out. I highly, HIGHLY recommend her. Not only has she helped me navigate the stressful world of dating, she's helped make me a better version of myself."

- Phil M.


"I’ve lived in Chicago, Los Angeles and NYC, and dated in all of them. But, I could never understand why I couldn’t meet someone I really wanted to date long term or commit to until I coached with Sam. Her approach is fun and easy to implement. The best part is her consulting is specific to YOU, it’s not a one-size- fits-all dating plan. She suggests the simplest adjustments, but the results I found were awesome. And they work no matter what stage you’re dating in. The coolest part of working with Sam, specifically, is that now feel like I have this secret advantage over other guys out there that sets me apart with women because she’s helped me to understand them in a way I never did before. The key to Sam’s consulting is that she’s laser-focused, so you don’t waste time, you have a plan of action and tools to support it. You end up like, a superhero dater! She helped me meet the most amazing woman and I will continue to recommend her highly to my bone-head friends who think they know everything and are still single."

- Chris L.

I didn't think I needed any help with women. I figured I was smart enough and experienced enough to follow my own instincts. But my track record of late screamed otherwise. I kept ruining potential dates with inconsistent communication. Not following up when I said I would. I get distracted with my many responsibilities and then I'm always digging myself out of a hole before the actual date even begins. On a whim, I watched some videos of Sam Ross describing how to effectively follow through with women. I decided to apply these techniques to a woman I’d met recently and found really interesting. To my amazement, the communication between us was much better than anything I had done on my own. I followed Sam's simple instructions and found we got along great over the phone, I could tell she was smiling every time I spoke to her. This was followed up by one of the most positive dates I’ve been on in years. What I really want to stress, though, is I wasn't doing anything that was dishonest or painted an unfair portrait of myself. I was still being 100% me. I just needed to get out of my own way and listen to some sound advice from Sam. And it all worked out. Now I'm not so afraid to say that I needed some help. The truth is I did, and I found it in Sam. I would tell any one of my single buddies to try her out and listen to what she has to offer. Sam is The Ultimate Wingman.

— Patrick A.


Honestly, I was so burned out on dating I just needed to hit pause. The problem was I didn’t really want a break from women, I just wanted a break from the drag dating had become. It wasn’t fun anymore and it was exhausting. Sam helped me get back out there in a whole new way. She really showed me how to strip dating down to its basics with some practical tools and insights that made it fun to be out there meeting new girls again. And most importantly, she got me results.  Her techniques have helped me attract a great girlfriend and thanks to her counseling through each stage of dating, I’ve created a much deeper relationship with greater understanding of both the female psyche and myself. I can’t thank her enough!”

- Alex A.