1. The Law of Proximity

Let's face it, women are everywhere. They're at the coffee shops you go to, the places you work, and the local bars you frequent, but still, you always find yourself asking:

"Where can I find an amazing woman?"

In this first video, learn the necessary steps to find someone you truly want to have in your life. If that's what you're looking for (and don't lie, it's what everyone's looking for), stop following the same path if you want things to change.

2. The Law of Follow Through

When it comes to finding a significant other, nothing will change if you don't change your habits. If what you've been doing hasn't been working, then that's where the problem lies.

Letting a fear of rejection and lack of self-confidence control your actions will keep you from taking the steps to getting the woman you want to have in your life.

Learn how to over come these fears and begin creating new habits that will help you with your follow through in order to get who you truly want.

3. The Law of Safety

The third and final video in this installment gets into the powerful impact a man can have in making a woman feel safe.

Learn why this is so important and the impact it has on women. These simple yet effective suggestions will show you how to do it well.

Safety, in this context, is the key to unlocking all the uniquely beautiful attributes men love and look for in a woman. 

Learn the reasons why masculine and feminine energies are so drawn to one another and how it will help you attract the perfect woman.